How to get my ex boyfriend back?

We are both 17 and were together for 8 months when he recently broke up with me, 3 weeks ago, out of the blue. We had absolutely no problems. I was a great girlfriend, not to brag.The reasons he gave me for the break up were that he doesn't want a relationship with anyone right now. I feel it could also be he was overwhelmed with everything and all the emotions. He also semi agreed that it could be he just wants to be alone since he has been in relationships consistently for 3 years. He just started community college with 2 classes, and I know he has not met any other girls. He does not live on campus. He told me he still loves me and that he wants to be friends. We have talked since the break up( he texted me), but I have not been texting him too much. And right now we barely talk, he just stops responding after a while. I have been completely heart broken and feel lost. And please no just "move on" answers, if I wanted to do that I would. Also, I am not just going to sit by the window waiting for him, I just don't want to ruin my chances.Also my friend said she saw him at a little get together over the weekend and says she thinks he moved on completely, is this a really bad sign?

•What are some ways that make a guy want a girl back after he broke up with her?

•What makes guys interested again?

•Specifically what makes a guy want to have a girl back, like ways in which she acted.

•If he messages me, do I contact him back? Even if the break up was recent?

•Does the no contact rule work?

•In your opinion is there a chance?(explain)



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  • Your so young. Just move on. There are so many other guys out there.


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