I finally go over my girl that cheated on me ! Need help finding one tho,help

Hey girls and guys I need help finding a new girl lol


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  • u sure your over her? lol. kinda sounds like your just wanting to jump back into finding another girl probably just to sleep with some random person and get even with your ex who cheated on you.

    • I'm a virgin lol , I'm waiting tell marriage . Sex is the last thing I thinking about

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    • thats good. don't worry you will find her when you least expect it. Just keep your heart open and love with always find its way in

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  • Don't go looking for a girl, wait patiently and let her find you

  • Just go out and ul find someone.

    • Sounds easy to you but I'm one of those shy guys , it's really hard to approach a girl for me .

    • Well if you do like a girl talk about it and may be people could help you how to approach her. Your question is too random.

    • Lol OK thnx

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