New bachelor on the scene...What do I do...guys and girls?

My 8.5 year relationship ended 6.5 months ago (not my decision). I started rebuilding my life, made new friends. I'm 28 so the majority of my adult life was spent in a relationship. I never really had the "bachelor" life until recently. I lived with my parents until 21...moved into my own house with my I never lived alone. I've had an INCREDIBLE blast these last few month, not worrying about anything.

Today, I posted some stuff on Facebook and an old female friend from high school who I haven't seen in many years commented. She wanted to date junior and senior year, but I was in another relationship at the time so it didn't work out. We're both currently single and her comment was an attempt to reconnect. I know where that would go. She's great, fun and pretty.

The problem: I've just recently got the taste of bachelor life and had an AMAZING time. I DO NOT want to lead her on, but at the same time I do miss a relationship.

Guys: What would you do in my situation?

Girls: Would you be understanding if I told you that "I've only recently become single after a long relationship and am not looking for a relationship at this point", or would you think that I'm saying that as a reason to not date you?

I don't want to lead her on, especially because I know she was interested back in high school...but at the same time I don't want to shut any relationship doors.

She's one of the FEW single girls I know currently. I'd hate to miss it, but I'd also hate to miss some bachelor life.

I'm so damn torn...(as you could probably tell from my rambling post)

I'd like to date her, but I'd also like to enjoy single life.


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  • IF you are over your relationship...


    1: You could be wrong, she might just want a friend. or a FWB

    2: You can go slow.

    3: If she's too controlling... break up?

    4: Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

    Championships are not won from the couch


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  • What the heck, do you mean...single life? Do you mean screw as many women as you want, while lying, or sweet talk to them? Caz that's what you guys do, to get women to sleep with you, without wanting a relationship.

    Talk to her, like you just talk here.

    • No, that's not what I all...and I am not a liar, either. I was in a monogamous and honest relationship for nearly 9 years.

      Going out without asking. Coming home whenever I want. Flirting. Drinking with friends without being told to stop. If I'm gone for a while, not having to check in. Not being told "I don't like that friend".

      That's another thing. Why do you girls always assume "bachelor life" means burying the bone as much as possible? It's all about freedom.

    • And to continue, just last night a friend who works the weekends texted me to go out and grab a few drinks. This was at 5:30 pm on a Monday evening. If I was in a relationship, I probably would have had to say no because of "dinner" time and "drinking on a work night?". In fact, he texted me and I immediately texted back "Be right there".

      That is such a great feeling to be able to do that without worrying about how my partner would feel about it.

    • Thanks for clarifying. Well, when you say bachelor, means no attachments. What's wrong with dating and taking the time to get to know someone, but yes I thing leads to another and we check up on each other. then pretty soon, your all engulfed in the others life. I guess that's the sacrifice, lonely or bothered! And this thing goes for me too!

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