Message my ex high school boyfriend... after 5 years?

i dated mainly this one guy in high school. we dated sophomore year of for almost a year and then I broke up with him for dumb reasons ...we then got back together during my junior year for about 6 months but broke up again (I can't remember who broke it off but it was more of mutual)

we both went off to college and have not keep in contact... we are still friends on Facebook but no interaction. I lately have been thinking about him a lot (I have been thinking of him in the past too) because of all guys I would want to have another chance with is him. we were both each others first boyfriend/girlfriend... imagine how awkward that can be. back in high school, I was so immature, naive, innocent, and shy I'm more social, experienced, and know who I really am. I keep thinking if only I knew back then what I know now, we would actually have a real relationship cause when we were together in high scool, it was not as deep as I have had other relationships with other guys.

so I am asking ...would it be weird to just message him and be like hey how have you been?! and then go from there. would it be possible he has thought of me too and feel the same way I do?

so he now recently has moved back to our hometown... but still does have the girlfriend. its not a small town so I don't think I would bump into him (but you never know) I told one of my friends and she says to just message him but I'm like yes an email is harmless but who knows which way it can end up... and I wouldn't wanna be a homewrecker. so I am starting to just interact w his Facebook and liking statuses. hoping he will see my name and he might think about me
im thinking his relationship might not last with the girl because she lives in NY and possiblely will stay in NY or go to CA... long distance relationships don't always last but we will see. if he breaks up with her, I have a chance. if he does not break up with her, then there are more fish in the sea


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  • first question... does he have a girlfriend? if yes, then don't message him... if no then call his ass and tell him you wanna kick it like the old times... it is possible that he has thought of you... I would hit him up and see what he's all about... I bet he is down

    • he does have a girlfriend unfortunately... so yea I'm not going to message him for a while until he is not in a relationship

    • i wrote an update and I don't know if you will get a notification... can you look at what I wrote under the question and possiblely let me know what you think?! thanks :)

  • It's really good if you connect with him again. Send him that message. Reminisce the old times.

    Talk a lot.

    Also, try meeting up. That should do things.


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