Why did he move on so fast?

A year and half of on and off with this man, he will break up stating confusion then come back 1month later all in love with me etc. Then within 3months he's gone again, I found out that in those times he was very quick to move on, dating and flirting with multiple women and even sleeping with 2.

He left me again last week, said he's confused and needs to focus on things and that he's unsure if he's in love with me, this only a month after coming back to me and saying he missed me and loves me so much... ? well, again, he is moving right along with other women and hasn't contacted me once in the past 6 days I won't be contacting him or taking him back after all this but wow I am hurt I feel so used. did he ever love me? he lived with me for some time, he faked it good. I am so lost and hurt pleasae help me understand what is wrong with this man and how he could move on to other women within days of leaving me after spending every night with me, making love to me, playing house and all is going well then bam he leaves and gets on with things like I never existed gawd I am devastated


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  • Fear of commitment is common but what he is doing to you is narcissistic and cruel. Probably childhood neglect. Regardless it's not your problem to fix so next time be strong and tell him to piss off


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  • oh wow that osunds horrible I don t know what to tell you but mabey you should try to move on with your life


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