Girls get close to guys,but have no intention to be more than friends?

Basically I got to know this girl in this trip that I am currently having.She's a trip mate that I became acquainted in the plane.We introduced ourselves and our conversation in the plane continued throughout the journey.Since then, we became close.We took photos like how a couple would do.Also, there was once when someone was interested in her, she requested me to act as her boyfriend and so I did.We held our hands together and walk just like how a couple does.It was nice for the first two weeks until a few days ago.

Since we became close, rumours were running around saying that I liked her, and things started to get out of shape.Her bunkmate(a girl) told me that she(the girl I liked) felt that I am starting to fall for her.


But since then, when I am about to walk with her, her bunkmate would barge in and walk with her instead,Prior to that, she would mention my name loudly like "WOW ALEX,Not bad~~"

That left me and the girl I liked in a very awkward situation.Despite all that, I approached her today to talk to her.She was pretty tired from the expression she gave me, hence I do not wish to bother her.At this point of time, I am still optimistic that she might fall for me.

However, things went the wrong way for me.I found out that she likes someone else back in school and also, there is a guy in this trip, which is 6 years older than her, liking her.

To my surprise, I was not even on her list.Her bunkmate assumed that I would not be able to win her heart.Why would not she give me a chance?I have not even confess yet...

I just need a clear solution to this because it is affecting me emotionally and I do not wish to hurt her feelings..Thank you for reading:)
I am not sure whether she has mutual feelings for me.I tried to reignite the spark but the vibe isn't just right


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  • Simply start spending a lot of time with her. Ask her to hang out with you.

    It's clear that she really likes you a lot, and would like to give you a chance. Don't chicken out just because there's a "competition".


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