Dont know what to do about this guy

We've been dating for about 4 months now. I feel like all we do is text text text. I finally told him that we were practically text buddies. He got HELLA MAD. I couldn't help but be honest about it. We had this long drawn out conversation where he told me that he wants to commit to me but is afraid because of past relationships. Personally if someone won't commit its a red flag so I backed down and slowly started separating myself from whoever I'm dating. Well that's what I did with him and he noticed. Got mad that I didn't talk to him that much and when I did talk to him it was usually one worded responses. We talked AGAIN about commitment etc and this time he said he saw me in his to say I'm going to start dating other people a good girlfriend and I hate when guys assume that I'm going to cheat etc. Am I in a relationship with you or you and your ex-gf


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  • How long ago was his most recent relationship and what did she do to him? It sounds like he just doesn't know how to move on. If you're still talking to him, you should have him read my article about it... link

    Also worth asking is if you knew about his past, how much he talked about it, and how you told him the "text buddies" thing. Was it in a joking or accusatory (is that even a word?) manner?

    • I don't know when his last relationships. But I do know that he's been cheated on a lot. He's talked about his past a few times. When I mentioned the "text" buddies thing it was actually through text lol but when I said I was serious because that's what we are. I guess you can say I was stating a fact

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    • im thinkin about ending it tonight. id rather be alone then bugging some guy that wants nothing from me

    • It's not that he wants nothing from you. You're just getting close and he hasn't readlly dealt with his past yet.

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