I am lost and don't know what to do...

My ex and I have been talking and hooking up consistently since our break up 6 months ago. She calls me 2-5 times per day, we hang out on average 2-3 times per week, and have sex roughly 3-8 times a month. Furthermore, she calls/texts me whenever she's out with her friends, calls me on her way home from the clubs, gets frantic if I don't call her back or let her know what I am doing. We broke up because her mother drove her crazy about me because I didn't fit her mothers mold. I went no contact for about a month after as I was hurt and wanted to move on with my life. I have brought up us being together and she feels unsure. I get tempted to call her mother ever so often but I know my ex would get upset and such. In my heart I feel as if this girl is my soul mate. We have been through so much together and yet still remain close as can be. She tells me that a life without me would hurt her so much. I feel as if she's afraid to make us official because of what her Mother might say/do. I have reaffirmed her that I am not going to leave her side, that I want to talk to her mom and try to reconcile or at the very least have mutual respect for each other. Lately, her family has been doing the same thing to her brother as they did to our relationship. They've been trying to get him to break up with his girlfriend but because he is much more strong willed he hasn't budged but she sees how messed up her family is.I want an us and have turned down many girls. I've gone out with a few girls since the break up but I just don't feel it. It's like we are in a committed relationship but she just won't label it for that fear I suppose. She tells me how much of a good guy I am, how great a husband and father I will make, how special I am to her, how much adorable I am, and basically she says you are too good. My father says time is my best friend that I just need to keep being how I am with her and not bringing it up and just let it happen naturally. I am hoping to get some more advice. Thanks in advance.


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  • If her family are the really the perpetrators in your break up, then there's nothing you can do.

    Your ex is really powerless right now, and there's nothing you can do to reconcile things.

    Simply find a new girl.

    • Well, she also has anxiety/depression as well as uncertainty about her career (what to do next). She wants to get her career settled before she focuses on a relationship. I just am confused by her action. I don't call her nor initiate texting. Last month I stopped initiating hanging out. I am making her work for my attention. I love her. I know she's the one. I even have a ring for when the dust settles. I just want to hear what other folks have to say. Thanks a bunch!

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