Girlfriend can not decide weather to let go or hold on

Ok I'm very confused here it goes I'm a lesbian first of all

My girlfriend of 4 years broke up with me almost 2 months ago we where great argued like normal couples but nothing this huge has ever happened it just happened out of no where she just decided to leave she came back 10 days later but everything was different she admitted to kissing another female but she couldn't stop hanging out with her she brought her around me I met her but felt extremely uncomfortable well anyway 2days after Valentine's she left again to hang out with this girl and since then we've been broken up I've seen her spoke to her but not enough for her to come back this other girl left back to another state she is no longer around but she still talks to her but my question is why she won't just move on she keeps telling me she would be here to stay calm she loves me her best quality loyalty but a lot changed her. We lived together I've been trying to move on but can't she kept all her belongings here and refuses to pick it up all her response is you want me home but then you want to kick me out but that's not it she still wants space and to be honest I believe she had enough space I love her but I don't want to play games she says she knows I'm the one but yet is cold our 4 year Anniversary/her birthday was on the 16th and she has been avoiding me since 3-15 but yesterday she called 4 times to only be POSSESIVE and jealous I'm confused I've accepted the break up but she won't leave out my life help please I need advice any would help she is 21 and I'm 26 hope this helps thank you! Oh yes she is very POSSESIVE even in the relAtionship


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  • Simply let her go. Start avoiding and ignoring her. It's clear that she's just creating unnecessary dramas in your life, and is just holding you around as she pleases.

    • Thanks I can let her go but I feel tied to her because the things she left behing are priceless. I just don't understand if it meant the world to her why not care to get it now

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  • WHy don't you post her things?


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