How to move forward when lacking willpower and energy?

Ok I'm just gonna be as real as possible here. I've been holding on to the idea of my ex for the past 4 years because I suffer from depression and she was the only thing that made my life worthwhile then. Of course seasons changed, she changed, everything has changed since then and I'm the only one still hanging on. I'm also friendless and jobless as its been hard with the whole job market thing which means plenty more time to brood. How do I move forward?


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  • Work on the depression: educate yourself, seek professional help, start exercising (I'm serious), eat right (this really helps and yes eat vegetables). Depression is a very normal response to reoccurring and prolonged negative emotions. Like you said plenty of time to brood, you're only going to keep feeling depressed doing that. If you put the effort out you can find a job and having no friends sets you up for a great situation to meet new friends when it happens.

  • Here's what I suggest. This reply is a 'joke' but holds a lot of truth.

    How do you eat a 3000 lb elephant?

    A: one bite at a time.

    Right now your life seems to be that elephant. I suggest you pick ONE thing about your life you're not happy with. Something that you can likely have success in fixing. (ex. DON'T pick "get back with the ex" - because that depends on another person). And focus on making that better.

    Once that is done, then you can tackle the next 'bite'. Obviously money from gainful employment is a priority.

    Keep on and good luck.


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