Can guys actually get "scared" and break up?

My ex and I work together. We have been broken up for 9 months now after dating for a year. He confronted me today about being cold, and mean to him all the time, even though he tries so hard to talk to me. He said he is genuinely sorry, but what happenned was never intentional. He said he genuinely got "scared" and wasn't ready for a serious relationship, and he had no way of knowing that until he started this one. He is 24, and this was his first real relationship. Have you guys ever genuinely felt scared? Should I accept his reason and forgive him?

I feel so bad being so mad at him for months. But I can't help it. I hate him for getting my feelings involved, and then just leaving. He tries sooooooo hard to be friends again. He genuinely has tried everything! And he feels so bad for just leaving me. Should I be friends with him? Have you guys ever done this to a girl?



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  • as far as I know , men gets afraid when it come to full time relationship , my friend broke up with his girlfriend when she insisted on having a baby. maybe he is not the man enough to be for you. that's why he left.

  • Yes - eg. when she becomes pregnant.

    • Lol. Well, not that. Just scared of ending up in a serious relationship?

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