She has my heart. She makes me want to do better

I'm still in love with my ex girlfriend. I live in Alaska and she traveled across the east coast after we broke up. A guy that looks like Danny Tanner fell in love with her and every day that she was gone, I felt her slipping away.

I think about every day how I want to be a better man and it kills me that we aren't together. So many mistakes and lack of communication for both of us. Now I see on her Facebook that the Danny Tanner guy moved you to Alaska for her. I don't stand a chance. He has a six pack and he seems like a nice guy who already has it all together. And I am a almost 30 year old man still trying to lift myself up from bad habits. Its hard for me to say that I am happy for her. that's what I should say if I really love her, right? Let her go? not be jealous? Not need her to be happy? I want to be happy that she's happy but I am not happy because she is not with me. And I found her drivers license and Wells Fargo debit card in the back of my car from when we held each other. She would always lose things. She dropped more things than a man with leprosy! I miss her. Should I give her the drivers license, mail it to her or text her telling her that I have it? would it spark a moment of bliss?


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  • oh you are in LOVE you need to tell her how you feel before the oppertunity passes go for it dude

  • I love the danny tanner thing LOL that's to funny . you have a good sense of humor .. well its like this I think that someone you can't keep your mind off of and that you really love is always worth fighting for . at least if you don't end up with her you can move on and no that you did at least try . I would call her and tell her you found her stuff and see if she talks to you or not . if she ever makes it clear that she don't love you then don't waste your time on her . I was in this same situation almost I was deeply inlove with this guy I dated him for about 10 years on and off but he always wanted his ex more then me and he cheated on me with her a few times but I never gave up on him and after a while his ex was no longer in the picture ( she married a diff man ) so he ended up with me ! I got what I always wanted ... ( THOUGHT I WANTED ) now that we are together it bothers me knowing I was the 2nd choice and wonder why I wasted all that time chaseing someone who at the time didn't care about me .. I thought I wanted it till I got it then I felt diff about it . just make sure its not one of them things ( you want her because you don't have her) make sure you love her for real before you really try to get her back . if you really want her back and its ment to be then it will be no matter what . and if not then you will find someone who loves you as much as you love them ..


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