How to be there for her?

I don't have much relationship experience, and I am also the worst with giving advice and saying the right things to someone. I always do or say the wrong things. My best friend has been married for a few years. She just found out last weekend that he was cheating on her with a 19 year old. She is 27, and he is 34. She is going to divorce him, and I plan to spend the weekend with her comforting her. I just don't know what to say or do. I've never been through anything like this. I've never had my heart broken because I haven't really had any real relationship.

She is a beautiful woman, and she is a lot prettier than the girl who he cheated on her with. She isn't a bitch either. It wasn't a situation where she had it coming to her. On his birthday last year she bought him a bunch of tickets for the Chicago Bears. It's his NFL team. Ever since they have been together she has dedicated herself to him. She even quit her dream job so they could move to another city for him. She said they haven't been fighting and she tries her best to satisfy him sexually, so she doesn't understand why he cheated.

The girl he cheated on her with is homely looking. Is it just her youth he wanted?


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  • Well it's obvious that it's he who's at fault not she

    You see - sometimes people make the wrong choices and they don't even know about it, it can go for many many years until they finally find it out.. similar how it happens when getting infected with AIDS - you won't know it, you will live your life normally for years and when you will find it out it's going to be way too late

    Well - what can I say? Shit happens! Nothing is determined and guaranteed for sure or else we would live in a paradise, yet what we got is chaos everywhere, that's our reality

    She's probably going to blame herself or trying to find out what she did wrong, make her know she did nothing wrong

    Also the age is not the factor - literally every man would rather prefer a real hottie who is 27 (which isn't old at all by the way) compared to a "meh" or average/below average 19

    People who cheat got it coded in their DNA, it's in their blood - their parents also were cheaters and their kids are also going to be the same, they even admit it... the only thing they can't admit is the sheer abnormality of their nature, they'll always try to justify


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  • Maybe it's time that she tried to get that dream job back. Can't devote your life to someone else. Men like women who have their own lives set up already. Tell her to focus on herself for now, in the kindest way that you can.


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