Why are guys jerks when breaking up?

I had been dating this guy for a while and I fell in love with him. He broke up with me without even telling me! I found out by myself. You don't want to even know how I found out. So my question is why can't guys have the guts to tell her why?
I see what your saying but shouldn't the guy be kind enough to eventually say why to her?


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  • why do "guys" not have the guts. You are generalizing when in reality you are talking about your specific ex and possibly a bunch of others.

    But to your point more specifically when people don't want to give you a specific reason it is because they are too afraid to be honest and deal with the reaction. It is a bit of a cowards way out (particularly if the dumpee asks for specific reasons), a way to avoid confrontation or perhpaps a way to not hurt a person's feelings, but regardless it is a ploy to avoid being completely honest.

    To not even address the person directly, like your guy did shows that he is immature and probably a bit of a coward


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  • It is less about gender and more to do with the psychology that people in general, who didn't act fair and hold guilt and unable to justify themselves, look for evading than confronting the issue.

  • Because it doesn't matter to them. To those guys, they would be equally fine if the girl broke up with them without saying anything either.

    They don't get emotionally invested in the relationship because they know it's short term right from the start. And they expect the other person to know this too.

    • "shouldn't the guy be kind enough to eventually say why to her? "

      Why? What does he get out of that?

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    • Then why did he play on so long?

    • Then why did he play so long?

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  • Because the reason either will offend or hurt you.They just do not want to be seen as bad if they being honest.


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