Guys, can you give me advise please..

I broke up with my ex in December, we were together for one 1/2 year. We hadn't be agreeing on much, like I felt I wasn't being appreciated enough. Went N/C for 5 weeks. It broke my heart to walk away, but at the time I felt it was the right thing to do. He finally text me, but he was angry as to why I didn't call to see if he was OK etc. I explained why and we continued back forth texting about how hurt we felt. He said we could be friends, but I told him I could not be friends with him just yet. 2 days later he text me again, this time only short texting.

I then texted him 4 days later, we didn't speak about the break up, just spoke about what was going on in each others lives etc. we got great! I just feel now that I'm back to the start again.. :(

I miss him more now, and the crying, depression and lack of sleep has kicked in. I love him and I'd love to get back with him, but I don't know if he wants that? I'm too nervous to ask him, I'm afraid of rejection I suppose!

Do you think if we keep the communication going it will bring us closer again?


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  • N/C = not communicating?

    it seems to me that it's possible that you two could get back together. But you both HAVE to learn from the mistakes in the previous go round and make a conscious effort to fix them. Not talking for 5 weeks is pretty absurd and it shows a real communication issue.

    as far as communicating how you feel with him? Call him or ask him to meet you. Tell him that you've been feeling like you want to give the relationship another chance and ask him how he feels. It does sound like you've made strides in having positive communication with him already so just keep that up, and always always communicate. Even when things are bad communication is the only way to make things progress. Simply not talking for weeks solves nothing

    Hope things work out

    • I know cutting communication wasn't a great idea. But my heart was broken and I felt so weak. To him, I made it look easy to walk away.. But I explained to him that it was the complete opposite! Maybe I should wait and see if he texts me again? Maybe then ask him to meet up? I'm afraid incase I am too late and I don't want to push him into it. What do you think?

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    • He knows I still have feelings for him. I'm too nervous to call him :(

    • understandable. maybe send him a text saying can we meet up, just to talk

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