Why do guys pull this move?

this guy is always pushing my buttons commenting about other girls Because he knows it gets a rise out of me. he doesn't do this with his other female friends. why does he do this? is he doing it Because he's trying to tell me he's not interested or is there another reason behind it like he likes me or something?


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  • He could be reafirming your friend zone status, but if he knows that it riles you up he is just playing and likes seeing you jealous and upset (in a good way). You might even look cute when you mad


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  • he likes to see you getting mad when he did this I think

    • why would he want to see me mad? why won't he just come out and say it'll never happen between him and i?

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    • then it's an ego boost

    • something like that use his own weapon against him it works like charm

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