Breaking up then comforted by a guy friend? I'm confused?

So 4 months ago, my ex-boyfriend ended our 3-year relationship (the first 2 years spent in the same country and the last year spent long distance like 9000 miles no seeing each other just Skype and Facebook) anyway, he ended it because he made out with someone else and says he developed feelings for the other girl.

about a week after that horrible break up which was done on Skype, I had this guy friend (me and my ex's good friend, he lives in the same country as my ex) who messaged me asking what happened. so we started chatting and he comforted me and I actually felt better whenever I talked to him. it was nothing sexual. we just sort of chat often and laugh and share stuff.

so in the 4 months.. something weird happened twice. we both like to travel ad we agreed that we'd go backpacking in Europe. so he told me that I was his until we're done with the travels we planned out just for fun.. so I was like yeah sure tinking he was being funny.

then a week ago, we were talking about citizenships and after long messages back and forth about the said topic, he said.. I want you to be mine.. I said what? then he never said anything about it ever since

i wonder what's up? and I did have a huuuuge crush on this guy when I was still back home and we hung out a lot.. I hope you guys understood it.. I think I may like him again now. and I'm afraid if I tell him I might just be over thinking this and embarass myself... oooohh HELP


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  • He meant that he really likes you a lot.

    That guy friend of yours must have been waiting all this time just to be with you.


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