Why she got interested in me again after seeing me with another girl?

We had a great time together, but I f***ed it up and she left me. I tried to bring her back, but she was decided to not see me again.

Then I was making out with a girl in a club, and she was also there. She saw it and started chasing me and sending me text messages.

It's not the first time I see girls doing things like this. And I am very happy for having her back. But now I'm wondering, why she came back after seeing me with another girl? I want to understand what she's feeling.



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  • Her mentality is oh sh*t I see with another girl I'm jealous now I want you back. she didn't feel that way until you were with another girl tho. don't let this become a cycle.. a breakup and makeup is not a healthy relationship.. so if its not good just end it because it seems like it could be a reoccurring problem.

    • yeah definitely maybe she never though that you cud make up wid another girl and when she saw you dating another girl she became jealous and relaized she cud loose you but in the meantime she wanted prove that she can get you back anytime,and sometimes it turns girls on wen they see they boyfriend or ex boyfriend with another girls

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