Why the cold shoulder again?

My ex and I have this complicated off and on contact with each other. When I we have a period of "No Contact" and we don't talk, her best friend usually suggests that I should contact her. So I contact her and we start talking again and we get along really well. After a couple of weeks this always changes, as she then starts giving me the cold shoulder out of nowhere.

When brokeup because she thought I didn't care about her. She did however say she got hurt in a prior relationship but idk...


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  • It sounds like she's still feeling some pain from the break up. It will probably be a couple months before she can be friends with you without your past relationship getting in the way. Try not to take it personally. Break ups are really difficult so maybe it would be better to give her some space to get over things.


What Guys Said 1

  • Don't mind those cold shoulders. It must be that she's undergoing some painful problems or something came up.

    Don't give up on her.


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