If a guy is mad because jealously, he'll move on?

I've been seeing this guy over a mo, I think were exclusive but not in title.. he's in his business trip to different states till end of next week and two days ago, a really good friend of mine asked me to be his date for his mom's wedding.. and invited me to their prewed party next week. I texted my guy about it and I made it clear that I am good friend of both him and his mother, and her fiance(im just close w the fam)

But then he used to send me morning text every morning, but he didn't today.. I was worried and wondering so I called, he asked me what I am up to and we talked for short, and he sounded okay and he didn't even bring up about that topic. So I figured not a big deal.. then I was going through lots of sh*ts today, I texted him I've many sh*ts going on that its so depressed and annoying feeling. And he replied me 'im feeling worse. Trust me.'

I can't list all details here but really do think he's feeling bad because of me... he always was like 'aw I'm sorry' when sh*ts happening to me. I just can tell something about me bothers him and I'm thinking maybe he got jealous about my guy friend.. because besides that everythings the same..

So today he never texted me first which never happened before..

Im more worried that he's mad at me so much that he'd leave me and move on.. I didn't even know this guy likes me this much and acting this way... I can't even see him since he's too faraway. So guys when this happen to you and you get mad, you just decide to move on?

Should I just wait till he text me first or try to call him tomorrow?


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  • It seems that he has a problem with you being a date for your good friend.

    He seems to be trying to "break it off" with you though there's no relationship established.

    If you can, call him again tomorrow.


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