why did my boyfriend threaten me about breaking up?

Yesterday me and my boyfriend was pretty drunk and he was acting cocky and bragging about everything at the party and I called him a douche, and he didn't really care. I was annoyed and when he said that I had to come, I didn't. he asked why, and I said because he is so drunk and a idiot and pissing me off. then he sat next to me, got mad and told me that I could just go home and never talk again, I started to cry, got breathing problems, and almost like cry-yelled, because I cried so hard. because my boyfriend knows how much I love him, and I'm so afraid of being abandoned, and I know he is too. so why? when we got in to a room he tried talking to me, and he started to cry too. and he told me that I mean the world to him, why would he ever do something like that then? and when I didn't hear some of the things he said and I said 'huh?' he said to forget it because I don't care about what he had to say, said he. and the weirdest thing is that yesterday is when we started to say 'i love you' like for real, and he does that kind of stuff, he threatened bout breaking up probably 4 times that night, I was so scared. because he was so commanding, and threatening me. he is never commanding towards me. but yesterday he was like that. he was like, I will leave this room if you don't kiss me, or say that I love him and stuff like that. and he was serious. I don't know if he would actually break up with me or not or just trying to make me feel like I was the most evil girlfriend ever. like reverse psychology. and the worst thing is, he know how afraid I am of being all alone and he still used one of the worst things he could ever possibly say to me. This is also our first fight.

and he also told me that if I ever broke up with him he would e so mad at me and never talk to me again. so why would he break up then?


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  • He is taking advantage of the fact that you have totally fallen for me.

    This is nothing but pure emotional blackmail.

    You need to let him know that he isn't the only guy in your life that you can date.


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  • He's trying to get you wrapped around his finger, you need to be strong and confident in yourself, you'll be just fine without him. It's not the end of the world if you break up with this guy. Sounds like you'd actually be better off without him.

  • You'll find someone else you're way to young to give a f***.


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