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I broke up with my ex in January. Although I love/loved him, the relationship was going down hill. Constant arguments etc.. We were together a year. I did a few weeks N/C to heal myself. Lately he has being texting me. Now I feel like I am back to the start of the break up :( . Maybe I shouldn't of replied back? I miss him more now..

Should I ask him why is he texting me? What is he hoping for? Part of me wants him back. I don't know.. I'm so confused! Please give me advise!


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  • It seems like he wants you back, or just wants to retain your friendship.

    Simply text him back. There's a lot of hope in it if you still want to be with him.

    Also, find time to call each other, and hang out as well.


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  • Obviously he misses you, and you broke up with him,so that's common for the dumpee to want to get back if they werent the ones to break it off in the first place. I wouldn't ask him why he's texting you, that's pretty obvious. He's probably hoping to get back together with you. You broke it off with him for a reason. Believe me I know its confusing, you miss the guy but don't miss the fights.And its not like its been that long since you have broken it off, only a couple of months, so the feelings are still there I'm sure. And its normal to still miss him and love him even thought you broke it off with him.

    You have to make a decision whether he is worth the time and you want him back. Sit down and think of the reasons you broke if off. Now think of the reasons you might want him back. Is it because you miss him or because you are just lonely in general? weigh the pluses and minuses of having or not having him back in your life.

    • Thanks for your advise. I text him and asked him if he wants me to move in and how I am so confused about the whole situation. I told him its too hard to remain friends and it won't help me to meet someone new

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    • lol I understand unfortunately that's how things work in these situations, just when youi think yoiu are moving on then the ex comes back to haunt you. Just keep in mind why you broke up with him in the first place and weigh out the benefits and see if its worth your while. Because if youi get back together it could be the same thing all over again.

    • It's being 3 hours since I text. No reply yet. I am really nervous.. :( . If I go back, I will not be going back to old relationship

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