Why would he be acting like this and what is the best way to deal with it?

I was with a group of friends today, including my boyfriend. We had had a fun day together. We were at a lake with many other college kids enjoying the weather and outdoors. When we were heading back to our cabin my boyfriend sees a guy that used to like me. This guys liked me before I was with my boyfriend and completley respects that I am dating somone. The guy like me well over a year ago. So my boyfriend yells f y*** our of the window. Then we saw another guy ( who has never liked me). I have a class with the second guy and he was just comign to say hey and he did the same thing to him. I was completely shocked at this. I am 100 percent loyal and supportive. I was embarrasssed and honestly angry that my boyfriend did that. I don't understand what would make a guy do that. I don't text other guys, I don't cheat etc, I have guys try to flirt with me, but I make it clear that I am taken. so any help or advice yall can give me would be appreciated.


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  • It seems that he's insecure about himself, and has trust issues.

    Talk this out with him on why he's acting like this.


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  • he sounds jealous

  • He is immature, insecure, confrontational, and lacks class. Tell him his behavior is disappointing and embarrassing, and will not be tolerated again.

    • Thank you! I did all of the above. He said that he is so afraid of losing me that the thought of other guys scares him. The fact is I don't flirt of do anything to cause him to feel that way. The problem is his that he takes out on me. Thank you:)

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