My mother almost got kidnapped. Should I move away?

I live in a very dangerous country, however, it turns out that it has always been my home and that I love the place. However this evening, my mother almost got kidnapped /my family is pretty rich). It makes me rethink what the hell am I doing here. What would you do?


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  • It's hard to put a price on feeling secure and having peace of mind. If you have the means to do so it might be wise to move somewhere else.


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  • Use some of those "riches" to buy a gun, perhaps? Or security? Or move? It's really not that complicated.

  • You should really consider moving away. Life and family are the most important things you will ever have.


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  • In the end, regardless of what others tell you, you are the only person who can make the call.

    When I think of traveling (or other things people warn lone women to avoid) and potential dangers, I know that all I will achieve by abstaining from the things I enjoy is an empty life. Male or female, no matter where a person is (even if that is an upstanding, honorable area) bad events can take place. I just make sure to always be alert, and to be smart in what I do.

    I'm sorry that happened to your mother, by the way.

  • move away. Don't let nostalga keep you in a place where you aren't safe

  • "my family is pretty rich" who says that lol kidnapping is kidnapping whether you're rich or poor. but I would say move.

    • I agree that kidnapping is kidnapping. However, in certain areas, having a considerable sum of wealth can make you a notable target.

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    • If you look above, I've actually mentioned "moving" as only one of my options so I would have to disagree with you.

    • but you said it? ok

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