Girl went from being interested in me, to rejecting me, to being interested again, and is now being cold again

We met each other on a trip our college ran to Europe. We spent the first day flirting, the second day linking arms around italy, and the second night in bed together (just sleeping), and the third day we found seats at the back of the plane together and kissed and slept sort of in each others' arms. Then we got back and she said she didn't like me in that way and she was interested in somebody else; 'just bad timing'. I found it incredibly hard to get over her, then just when I was managing it, two weeks later, after she had given me no positive signals whatsoever and had been predominantly cold with me, I got a text from her just generally making conversation asking what I was up to. I encouraged it to check if she just wanted something in particular, but she didn't drive the conversation in any particular direction she just seemed to want to make sure that it carried on. Then she basically told me to ask her out on a date, not in so many words but to the extent that when I said "oh I don't know, you'd have to come and get a coffee with me and I know you don't want that" she was like "No that sounds awesome" so at that point I was pretty decided that these were positive signals. The next day I texted her to no response. Today I saw her in college and she was just as cold as she was after rejecting me. But we have this date coming up in a few days and I have a feeling she's going to blow me off, what with how uninterested she seems again. What is going through her head? I get that she's probably unsure, but surely if that was the case and she was totally sure about somebody else she'd either pick that guy or at least not bother taking a risk by choosing me. So why bring it all up again 2 weeks on when she's socially in the clear? And more importantly how can I win her the f**k over because she also happens to be perfect for me. That's the most f**king annoying part.


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  • It's one of these 2 possible scenarios:-

    #1 She could have many other boys waiting in the wings i.e. she's a player (don't think because she maybe really shy she can't possibly be like that, women can be two-faced, and just love getting treated like a princess for a few days).

    #2 She may already have a boyfriend now she's guilty. I was in this scenario about a year ago. We had a flirt & a date, then she avoided me & I found out later why. But now she's interested again... But she's still with this guy..Honestly if she's on and off all the time, leave it your wasting your time, most likely scenario those 'types' of girl will cheat on you when you become a couple. And it's not really worth the effort if a girl is constantly messing you around.

    Either one of those situations, the girl is still messing with your head. She has probably noticed you wear your heart on your sleeve & is knowingly taking advantage of that. If you like someone you don't ever do that, my advice is just leave that sh** alone. It will soon start messing with your head so much you'll have low self-esteem/confidence, not to mention you will lose your concentration & possibly fail at school.


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