Writing a letter to the ex...

I was with my now ex boyfriend for 6 years but broke up a year ago. We had been talking about having a future together (getting married sometime down the track) and we were looking at moving in together now we had finished college etc. Until out of the blue I get a "we need to talk" and left without getting a real reason.

we've both now found someone else but its been almost a year to the day and I can't stop thinking of all the things I wanted to say and was thinking of putting it all in a letter. I have a lot of resent after some of the things he said after the breakup and basically want him to know what I think.

Im going to stress this is not a get him back letter...if anything I'm sure it will have the opposite affect. I know everyone says its a bad idea etc. But has anyone actually sent one? I'm in two minds bout sending it but I'm driving myself crazy because I Haven't had a chance to respond to anything he's ever said.


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  • go ahead and write the letter. Then read it and tear it up. It's OK to get those feelings out on paper, but they never have the desired effect when delivered.

    • I guess what I'm saying is I want to send it to him. I've done things like that but this is more in response to things he's said rather than necissarily writing down feelings. the plan was to send it and that's it...no hearing from him again ever so I don't really want to know his reaction and what the effect was. Just that I know I have said my bit and left.

    • I know you WANT to send it. But it's just not a good idea.

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  • Why not just write the letter and burn it? Or send it out on a balloon? At least then you could get your feelings out on paper.

    I think the letter can be a good way to release all the resentment and anger you have towards your ex. Mailing it though could be a problem. What good will it do to mail it? He's just going to hate you even more.

    Now, your feelings may be completely justified, but it's not going to make you look good to send it.

    • Like I said above...its not me disclosing feelings...its replying to things he's said. He doesn't hate me. I would rather he did. Its just that I keep wiping him from my life and he seems to have a problem with that so I want to answer his questions/clarify things he is assuming about me etc and tell him to go away. It isn't something you write and burn...again...like I said above. Also I don't care how he reacts. I don't plan on seeing or hearing from him. My question was more directed at getting dvica

    • *advice from people who have considered doing this before

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