Ahh, when will I stop thinking of him?

Can someone please knock some sense into me? I'm starting to freak out at the thought that my ex boyfriend was cheating on me. We were in a long distance relationship for about 5 months and then he ended it because he just wasn't feeling it anymore. We've been broken up since thanksgiving, but lately I keep replaying scenes in my head of when he last came to see me and how he was acting strange. he's not the type of guy to cheat, he is a really good guy. But we started seeing each other when he had just broken up with his ex so I am now going crazy. I don't even know why I'm doing this to myself when its been over for a while now but when I think about this I get sick to my stomach. Someone please give me words of enlightenment please! Thanks for any advice.


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  • Why do you think he was cheating? and why are you thinking about him? the title hints at you having feelings for him, do you?

    • I definitely still have feelings for him, it wasn't a split where I was like Yeah! I agree lets split up. I was heartbroken and still am. I still really don't know what happened but regardless am moving on for sure. But the littlest things will remind me of him. For example I am doing stuff for school and then I just get reminded of him. I think I'm not being rational when I say I think he was cheating. I have no proof he was. It's just I'm thinking of when I saw him last and how he was cold.

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    • Im sorry to hear that, how long were you two togather?

    • 9 months total, 5 of which were long distance.

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  • Keep yourself really busy. I broke up over LDR too and it was tough to get over it. It takes time but give yourself time to heal.


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