Can I ask for closure?

Me and my girlfriend of about 3 1/2 months had a fiery intense relationship that moved way to fast. We really did love each other but were both going through big transitions and it just burnt us out in the intimacy department.

We broke up 2 weeks ago pretty mutually. Were both sad and she said she didn't want to lose me and we could be friends after some time. I freaked out a little the first week and texted her a lot trying to get her back. We got in a couple fights. She said not to talk to her ever again. Then apologized later for getting so mad. Then we had one last work shift together. Instead of her being cold and hateful she was rather nice to me and even said bye.

This confused the hell out of me. I was a week strong with out talking to her getting ready to let go. But seeing her and being normal with her made me want to be friends with her. That and she looked like she had been super depressed. I know a relationship is impossible. I texted her last night saying" was good seeing you, and I'm sorry for freaking out last week when we both agreed it was for the best. And offered my friendship out."

I haven't heard back from her yet and I figured she would tell me something or anything. Like "maybe in the future or f**k you" She expressed that she wanted me to move on so I feel she wouldn't ignore me unless she was thinking about stuff. It's killing me though. I want to let go completely if she never wants to talk to me again or know that we can be friends with some time apart.

It's only been one day since I texted her. I'm super tempted to call her tonight and just be calm about it and tell her that I need some type of closure to move on. But trying to wait longer...


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  • You should really try to find a closure with her since for you, you really need to so that you can move on. Simply call her tonight and tell her.

    • Yeah I do. I just feel guilty not giving her space. But she at least needs to tell me that we should take some time apart to be friends or that I need to move on and forget about her. Either way would be a big relief...

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