Where are girls at mentally after a breakup and a month of no contact? Regrets? Missing ex?

What's it like for a girl after a month of breaking up? My ex girlfriend told me (and it's actually kind of accurate) that things weren't the same and it wasn't as comfortable as it used to be.

She was stressed but was tired of having talks to fix things. She seemed to have checked out.

While it was a little immature that she couldn't be more open minded about fixing our issues, it happened.

But I miss her to death. It's been a month of no contact either way. I haven't heard of her doing anything or dating anyone. And deep down I hope she's thinking of me and regretting the breakup.

Do girls ever think about their ex boyfriends after a month of NC?


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  • Yes, I realize I still miss my ex.! But if she isn't trying to fix it then move on. But also there can be things from her pass that is still hurting her. But like I said if she is willing to fix it then she will come to you OPEN and ready to talk.

    • She's my first girlfriend. The issue was sex. Is it normal not to talk for a month? She's never been one to show emotions though

    • Wow then I don't know I never did that to a guy. And its wrong axx hell to go a month without talking. I don't know if she just want something different. So sit down and talk to her. Maybe she the type that have a wall up..

  • It depends. Some girls move on really quickly after the break up and some still dwell on the past.

    I thought of my ex during the NC period cos I wasn't still over him completely but when time went by. Things changed then you're getting stronger and coming to your senses after all.


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