Why are men cheating?

Cheating even tho they love their girlfriend? Is it just for the thrill? ..And why do you think women cheat?


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  • Both men and women cheat because they are unsatisfied, and for some reason are unwilling to leave the relationship they are in.

    A small set of men and women (more men in this category, I believe) are serial cheaters who find it difficult to be sexually expressive with someone they are emotionally intimate, or, have a very high need for multiple partners but for some reason still feel the urge to be in a monogamous relationship. These are a minority of people who cheat, but they cheat a lot, so a lot of people have contact with this behavior.

    More often we have people who are deeply unhappy but can't or won't leave. I see more cheating in marriages then dating, because if people are that unhappy dating, splitting up is easier. Some people don't because they are afraid, afraid of being alone, or afraid of the challenge of ending things. They cheat 'on the way out' of a relationship. When people are more intertwined - married, sharing assets, living together even, certainly having kids - splitting up starts becoming very, very difficult. For most of human history, cheating was quietly tolerated while divorce was unthinkable. I will simply note that intelligent people have sometimes believed cheating was preferable - morally - to splitting up a family.

    Women tend to describe feeling neglected and enjoying the attention of an affair, which leads to sex. Men tend to describe feeling sexually unwanted and ignored, and this leaves them very vulnerable if someone suddenly DOES express great interest. In fact, there's big overlap here in feeling neglected/wanted/appreciated/sexual, but men and women tend to label the driving factor differently. But its just looking at the same thing from another angle.


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  • The same reason women cheat, they think they can get away with it

  • Of course women do not cheat. They are morally superior to men. The only men that do not cheat are the men that lost their penis in the war. 5 stars!

    • Ummm..No

    • Exactly. one star, women of course cheat, not all men cheat and men cheat for many reasons.

  • god I'm so tired of these questions. Men AND women cheat. stop singling men out!

    • That's why I asked '..And why do you think women cheat?' Calm down will you ;)

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  • I think, honestly, that the core of the relationship is trust and friendship. Love disappears after a while, but trust and respect dont. So... I think if the relationship exists and love also- that anyone who likes someone else should just honestly say. Cause- if you love someone you wouldn't like him to suffer because you shouldn't get that stuff in your pants.

    • There are men saying I love my girlfriend,but I cheated on her so they hide it

    • Then, I think, they are not aware of what love really is... Sometimes we think we love someone and it turns out to be just an illusion.

  • some people have serious problems. they are serial cheaters or narcissists and often they have abnormal psychological issues so they may think their cheating is normal and fine for THEM to do hence will keep doing it with most or all partners.

    narcissists/serial cheaters are self absorbed jerks. they have no real set of morals or values and whatever they want goes. therefore they see no problem cheating because they want to and therefore it's okay! maybe they aren't sexually satisfied by their girlfriend. maybe their girlfriend has money or power or feeds the ego but they still want to prowl and find other girls, especially if the girl is hotter, feeds his ego more or has something the girlfriend doesn't. so basically these people may cheat even if the partner is not doing ANYTHING wrong, just because they want to and can. no moral scruples. I think this is more often men. most narcissists, according to statistics, are men. and men are more likely to get that thrill out of cheating, because it's about the hunt, the conquer, for serial cheaters.

    then other people who don't really have mental problems cheat for other reasons. they probably are not cheating on every partner they ever had. but they are in a relationship they can't get out of easily-married, sharing assets, obligation, children...etc..so they cheat. often the relationship has fallen apart after a while. maybe their needs are not being met anymore. I honestly think though that a normal healthy person will not stray from a relationship when there is work done and the needs of the other person are being met.

    this can be men or women. I think women are more likely to cheat when they are not feeling appreciated or emotionally supported and they start to fall for someone else. I think men cheat when they are not sexually satisfied or the woman makes them feel like they are not appreciated.


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