He dumped me, how do I get over it?

This just came out of nowhere.i'm so shocked and hurt that he ended things and the way he did it. I cried and felt awful. I deleted and blocked him from twitter and Facebook and blocked his number.what more can I do to get rid of this feeling?


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  • ok honey great start. NOW the most important thing you need to remember no matter what He does NOT deserve YOU!

    Do not play with the idea that you want that back. So keep the no contact is the best thing you can do for yourself.

    Realize doors need to shut for other paths to cross your way. So do yourself first cry when you need to cry talk when you need to talk. Be there with others (friends and family) and keep your mind busy as much as you can. It does get easier as much as seems now that it won't.

    The more you let the pain process happen the faster you get to accepting things as they are and sooner you will realize someone better is waiting for you that is right that will love you for who you are and is compatible and everyone has a soul mate out there waiting for them.

    Not to scare you, lol. But I was 42 when I found her by doing absolutely nothing to force the path to cross although I did need that pain for this to happen so remember everything happens for a reason.

    I'm actually happy and excited for you. I feel it this is the best thing that could have happened to you


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  • Simply find a new guy of interest.

    By being with a new guy, your time and attention will focused into him and you will forget about your ex faster.


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  • Get a makeover make yourself look really hot. Treat yourself to something nice. Thing of all the horrible things bout him. Make a self burn book about your ex.

  • I am going through the same thing and it feels horrible. Like someone died. I know everyone says time heals the broken heart, but this is killing me. I know you did the right thing by blocking him. I would NOT want to be friends with my ex on Facebook. I wouldn't want to stalk him and see what his new life is like., I also initiated NO CONTACT and FAILED last night when he slept over and we made love. :( Now I am even more confused, but the fact remains that he is GONE :( I need to move on and hope that with time I can feel normal.

  • Focus on yourself and keep yourself really busy.


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