Is he into me or just being friendly?

Alright so there's this guy I go to school with. I've always thought he was cute but for awhile I hadn't really taken any interest in him until a few weeks ago. Recently, at a party we both went to, we got pretty drunk and according to my friend, he was kind of all over me. (I suck at telling the difference between a guy being nice and a guy flirting.) Anyway we spent time alone together and he was holding me and touching my waist for awhile but nothing happened. The following weekend we go to another party together with a bunch of our friends. We ended up heading back to his place and drinking by ourselves. We danced and talked pretty much all night until eventually falling asleep together on his bed. However unless we are in a group, neither of us really make an effort to see each other or even text. It's really confusing me because I can't tell if he's just shy and won't make a move or if he's just hanging out as a friend.


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  • so you say you don't try and get in touch with him though you like him cause you're confused by him not trying to get in touch with you... well he might be confused by you so he won't text you . and this won't stop if both of you stand there over thinking.

    so get in touch with him. simple things. what's up, how you doing... get his Y!M id, request friendship on Facebook and chat with him.


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