Does my Ex girlfriend's sister like me?

Okay here's the situation, I am 18 (19 next month) and my ex girlfriend is 20, Her sister is 17.. I am now living with their family and I have been noticing some very strange things. The first thing that happened was that her sister used to hardly even acknowledge me and she has NEVER hugged me before, and Until this day I had never been at their house without my ex being there.. My ex goes to work and I am in their room alone sitting on the bed, her sister walks in and climbs on the bed to get to her sisters closet for a jacket, she hugs me from in back of me and holds me, asking how my day was and such things. She sat holding me for about 30 seconds, gets the jacket and leaves.. The next day Me my ex and her sister are sitting around talking and I teased them about a common trait that their family has and my exs sisters exact words on front of her sister were "so what you still like US" not that I liked her sister but them both which I found weird. That same night me and my exs sister ended up at the same party, and she kept staring at me wherever I went, at one point she evens walked up grinded her butt on me and walked away (mind you me and her NEVER have physical contact). And even yesterday we were all three in their room and me and my exs sister were both standing up and I said a joke, as she's laughing she walks up to me and presses her whole body onto me. I don't know if I'm tripping or what because she doesn't even sleep in their room anymore since I moved in, I don't know if that is out of jealousy or what because me and my ex are still intimate.. I just need some feedback, oh and recently she even called me cute for like the first time


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  • just keep your eyes open! girls tend to do these things out of jealousy, but if you do like her ( your ex sister) then make sure you and your ex are definitely over and done with because you dnt want to start something that will hurt your ex and her family. hope that helped

    • So do you think she likes me?

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    • may be she does may be she doesn't. It is a possibility that she may have developed a crush on you and now that you are no longer with her sister she decides to make a move

      Do you like her?

    • Honestly I do, but for obvious reasons I never told her or made any moves or anything.. But thanks Ill just wait to see what moves she makes

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  • she might not like you at all. She just sees you as the ending point of a competition with her sister. Is becoming a game for her. It is going to get messy that's for sure...

    • I kinda thought about that, But they aren't the type of sisters that aren't in competition.. And why would she wait until I'm alone to try to do all that stuff? If she was trying to make her sister mad wouldn't she just do that in front of her?

    • Not necessarily. You are a challenge. And an easy one lol she is already messing with your head. Have you thought of fcking her? Hey she prob heard you having sex with her sister and also wants a piece... Whatever the reason is this will get problematic. Just think where you're gonna live if you mess up

    • Yeah but I try not to.. I know she's heard us have sex and I'm pretty sure she's seen my d**k

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  • How in the world did you end up living with your ex and her family? That's what I would really like to know. To answer your question, I think there's a very good possibility.

    • Her Parents really like me, And me and her dad pretty much both had bad childhoods so he sympathizes with me I guess.. And thanks, This has really been on my mind a lot lately

    • Don't do anything stupid! Her parents trust you, don't break that trust. Be extremely careful and good luck.

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