Does this guy like me?

I met a guy through my old roommate a week and a half ago. I was instantly attracted to him and according to my old roommate he was to me too. We exchanged numbers that night and in the past week and a half have hung out four times already. We've kissed, held hands, nothing sexual yet.Things seem to be progressing but slowly at a good pace. Been out in public, went to a movie, hung out at my house. But the catch is, I have a crazy ex that won't go away, had to get a restraining order today! My ex found out I was talking to someone new, and the stalker that he is found out who new guy was and wrote him on Facebook saying "hey bro just so you know amber and I hooked up last week and did nasty sh*t, she's not as good as you think good luck with that." Which obviously isn't true. I was worried it would freak the new guy out, but he's still texting me today (the next day). But...he sent this message to me on Facebook saying "maybe you can forward this to your ex I can't because he's blocked me, first I'm not your bro, second not that its any of your business but Amber and I are just friends, and lastly be very careful what you say and do around me." This new guy is a cop. Hmmm...I am concerend about the we are just friends part. Is this just him basically saying dude I don't know why you feel the need to tell me you slept with her, this hasn't gone anywhere yet. Or is he saying we're just friends and its his way of saying he doesn't want a relationship? I'm over thinking this I know. My heart dropped when I saw it though.


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  • You're over thinking things. It's clear that your new guy is still into you, and he just want to tell your ex to back off and not bother you and him again, or he'll beat the hell out of him.


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