Act On Anger, Or Still Be The Better Person?

I am 28 and my ex is 32. We have lived together since last March, and had been together since Jan 2012. Move was early on due to his landlord dying and he had surgery that required help.

For the last six months or so of the relationship, I always expressed how I never felt close/lacked intimacy, how he always sleeps on the couch (instead of with me), just never feeling like a girlfriend. I was hurt, but never made a big deal about him not getting me anything for Valentine's Day. One day, between his hours being dramatically being cut (leaving me to pay for it all), and feeling more like room mates, I made a drastic decision of moving back home.

Sadly, he has no one here to live with, so he is to somehow find a way to go back home that is at least four states away. He had 30 days to figure all of this out. Instead, he wants to go out and do the things he never did (malls, museums, etc.) This kind of hurt, because he never wanted to go before when brought up.

Right about now, he owes me $500, but due to recent events, I am willing to let that go.

When I work third shift, he drops me off and borrows my car to go to work the next day. He brings up how he has been kissing my butt the last thirty days, and I said something about trying for the last six months. We get flustered and all of a sudden, I am being asked if I have ever been checked to see if I was bi-polar. I got very defensive and said a few choice words. Then said I am not his ex. He still clearly loves her, so this struck a nerve. He then gets into my car. I get upset and open the door back. He is forcing it to close and it results in a bruise to my forearm (which is made clear to me that it is only my fault for that happening). I have been letting him stay at my place and use my car. He has no friends and family here, and no way of getting to his other destination.

Part of me has thought of asking for his cell. It is off of my plan, and it is worth about $400 (Galaxy SIII). Would it be cruel to just take the phone and then just boot him out?

Valentines Day

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  • You should act on your anger. He clearly is just seeing you like some kind of roommate.

    He's really being rude to you now, and being so disrespectful. You deserve a better guy.

    You're entitled to your own happiness.


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Valentines Day