My mom doesn't approve of my ex-boyfriend?

It's been about a year now since I lost my first love interest to my sworn older enemy by twelve long years and of Filipino background. And now my mom says she doesn't really approve of my now tall and same age ex-boyfriend because she had banned me from everything having to do with him ever again including discussions about him and she often refuses to talk about it with me. She won't change her mind without giving up, so she decided to forbid me from all of the above and she's trying to protect me from him so it's the way to keep me from getting hurt by him even more. And she never deemed him a bad influence, despite her having to keep me away from him in order of protecting me from him and from more further hurt by him, even if she banned him from reentering my life. What will happen if my mom still refuses to talk about it and bans him from reentering my life?


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  • It really won't work if your mom doesn't approve of your ex-boyfriend. You can't really have a good time with him unless you can stand on your own and move out of your house.


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