Why can an ex boyfriend be so rude to an ex girlfriend who they once loved?

So I dated my ex a**hole boyfriend 2 years ago. We broke up for various reasons. I'm so glad I broke up with him and I ended the engagement because my life would be hell now. We broke up almost 2 years ago and I was 19 at the time and I'm 21 now. I have a new bd now and we have been dating a year and he is great and very supportive with my schooling and helps me out any possible way. Anyways, a few days ago my ex texted me so I was like OK I will have a normal nice convo with him. Didn't end like that though. He said he " loved me", but I was shocked and like wtf, he then asked me for pictures? Wtf? Um go away! The next day he said that I was talking to my current boyfriend when me and him were dating and that he saw the texts. Excuse me? I never met my current boyfriend ever until 3 months after we dated. What a dumbass! I told him to get his sh*t right. So he felt the need to swear at me and insult me. Such as the only reason I got into a good school is because I sucked a few d***s, I'm a bitch, I'm a retard, I probably f*** people for money, I'm infuriatingly retarded, a lot of retarded words he texted me lol because he is 1000 miles away and he feels so tough and can not say it to my face. Being a stripper to pay for my education since my parents haven't helped a dime has defined me as a person. by the way he's in the army because he failed out of a college his first year! So who is the dumbass. So I am curious why the f*** do men, well in this case little boys have to insult their ex gfs that they once loved and cared about. If I am so retarded and all the names he called me hmmm...why were you with me? If anything I'm doing better now than when I was with you! So is this a guy thing or just an a**hole thing! And by the way he didn't offend me I laughed a lot because none of it is true and I know he's living a miserable life now and I am happy about my future and where it's at. :)


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  • Well for me I cut all my ex's off after I'm done talking to them every now and then a girl will want to get back togtehr but my situation is nothing like yours cause I've never been in love or really cared that much about any girl but then again I'm only a senoir in high school.

    • True

    • Some guys are just rude insulting a woman the way he did was really wrong lol his dumbass didn't deserve you anyways if you had ignoredd him though it would have made him much more mad.

    • I blocked him and deleted him from fb

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  • It doesn't matter what his reasons are for talking rude to you.

    You simply have to stop contacting him, and ignoring him once and for all.

    Simply spend that time with your current boyfriend.

    • Yeah you are very right. Thank you.

    • I just don't understand why he can't ever let go that I was a dancer when we dated for a bit which was over two years ago because I never did it long when we dated I just needed some money for community college since my parent I live with made a killing and wouldn't pay. Kinda selfish on his part for not understanding. I dance now and he acted a few days ago like I was his girlfriend and me dancing was something new and were not together he can not say sh*t about what I do.

  • It's not a guy thing, it's a him thing. He's mad because you have moved on & have someone new & is acting immature about it..

    • Thanks for your answer. It was just shocking and I have never been treated so terribly by someone before. Sad thing is I really wanted to be his friend but he forever lost that.

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    • Just tell him not to contact you again until he grows up & can show you some respect. And stick to it. Ignore him 100% until he does.

    • Okay I will. Thanks.

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  • Once the status has changed, everything will change.


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