Is there a chance we can get back together?

My boyfriend, well ex now, broke up with me last week, cause he told me that he needed to focus on getting better since he's going through chemo. He told me he loved me and that he cared about me

But today I was texting him asking if he would wanna chill tomorrow, cause he's house bound and has nothing to do, so I thought he would want some company

and he said "why would we hang out at all. you're not my girlfriend anymore, yet you still text me all day and ask to hang out. you don't seem to realize what 'breaking up' is"

then he says that he doesn't want anyone or a relationship cause he hasn't been on his own in a year and that he's sick of trying to make people happy

he honestly made me so happy that I would cry when we were together, that never happened with anyone else

and he said it was never working out, but everything seemed fine

i'm scared that he's gonna find another girl that is way prettier than me, and has a better body

i'm also scared that he just wants to f*** other chicks without consequence

i'm so hurt

i love him so much, that if I can't have him, then I can't have anybody

he's all I think about

i can't eat, I can't sleep

i honestly can't sleep if I'm not in his arms

i'm leaving the door open for him if he ever wants me, which I doubt cause everyone leaves me in the end

am I over reacting? or is it normal to feel this way?

is there also a chance of us getting back together?

please I need to know, it's tearing me apart...


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  • Babe, he's going through chemo. That's some rough stuff. I think right now he needs your empathy. If he wants space, give it to him.

    From what I can read in what he said, he seems like the kind of person who tries to be there for everyone. Now that he is in need, he's fed up of responding to the needs of others. Right now he is telling you loud and clear, he needs to you to back off while he concentrates on getting better. It doesn't mean you can't be hurt about this. It just means you should stick to talking about it with other people (NOT him).

    • i know, and I'm here for him, and I'd do anything for him

      but yea I'm backing off for a bit

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  • DAmn this question pretty deep but maybe you did something or he's just bored with you I feel pretty bad for you but some guys are just like that including me I have done this before to a few girls and I didn't realize how hurt you girls get. But no there is not really much chance to get back toghther unless he wants sex.

  • It seems that your guy has already moved on, and really wants out of the relationship and that's why he broke it off.

    There might be a chance that you'll get back but it takes time.


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  • Woah. I know it may feel like it is the end of the world, but it isn't. It doesn't sound like you two will get back together. And he sounds like he wants to break off contact with you, although he was a bit mean about it. I know it hurts when you can't be with someone you love. But you need to get over it. Concentrate on something else. I know it is a lot easier said than done, but you have to do it to get over him.


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