I want my ex back. please tell me if this is the right thing to do.

My ex and I broke up two months ago. I regreted breaking up with him and apologized afew days after the breakup but he wouldn't take me back. One month later,i got into a relationship with another guy(who was a friend of mine)and changed my status on fb. He then blocked me. I broke up with that other guy almost one week after Because I felt like I had feelings to my ex still and I messaged him saying I broke up with my new boyfriend because I still had feelings for him,but he did not reply and I stopped contacting him ever since. Just two days ago,he unblocked me(he had me blocked for nearly 20 days)and I messaged him on fb asking how he is doing and all. He was talking to me in short sentences and in a very formal way. The last thing we messaged was me asking how his work was and he hasn't replied after. Eventhough we messaged on fb,he did not add me as friend there.

I really miss him and want him back. But at the same time, I do not want to screw things up and push him away.

I was thinking about asking him to the movies over tge weekend. I am scared he will turn me down and then I will be seriously hurt.

Please tell me what I should do to have him back.

Thank you for reading this and for your time btw.
I messaged him asking him out for a movie and he said he was busy that night. So I messaged "i just wanted to see that movie and wanted to ask you if you wanted to come along. But its ok" he did not reply :(

I am so hurt right now. Please help.


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  • It depends on how long your relationship with him lasted, depending on how long you guys were together I think he has the right to act that way and you should leave him alone. So if you guys were dating for say 6 months or more I would say that he was very attached to you and getting with another guy after only a month is insulting and disrespectful to the relationship you guys had. This would also apply if either one of you had said "i love you" to the other. However if you guys dated less than that then I would say he might be overreacting a little but it appears he did have strong feelings for you and seeing that you got with another guy after a month must of been a shock to him.

    But if you really want him back (and you make dam sure you do) then you will do what it takes to get him back and you don't mess things up. Despite him not wanting to talk to you or see you you hang in there and wait for him. And you make the effort to show him how much he means to you and how much of a regret it was to break-up with him.

    Good Luck


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  • Simply go for the movies.

    Spend time with him, and let that movie be your starting point into continuing a relationship with him. Nothing will happen if you just message each other through social media sites.

    Hanging out in person is what matters the most and will have the greatest impact.


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  • i think you should give him a little space. he's obviously hurting that you broke up with him and maybe he needs some alone time. him blocking you is just a quick reaction, but I think it will get better. don't push it though, maybe say you should meet up and talk things out over lunch and see how things go. if he doesn't want to then make it seem like it doesn't bother you and say okay maybe next time. he'll eventually talk to you again if he did have the same feelings as you do for him.

  • Why did you guys break up?

    • Seeing your update, he actually was busy or he blew you off. Give him space. I would wait for him to contact you first.

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