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Ok so My girlfriend broke up with me just a week ago and it destroyed me and now she is saying that she wants me back which I would love if she didn't give me sh*t in the last week, but there is also this over girl who I kinda liked before we started going out and I started talking to her and I like her as well but I don't think she feels the same :'( but I have no Idea what I should do should I give my ex a second chance or should I do as my mates say and maove on because all my ex will do is destroy me again?


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  • When it comes to relationships I personally believe you shouldn't get back togethor with exes. You broke up for a reason, that same problem is still going to be there if you get back together. Personally I say pursue that girl who you like and if she doesn't like you back then it's her loss, and you can be single for a while.


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  • You simply have to move on with your ex and be with that girl.

    Don't let yourself step again on another landmine.


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