I don't know what to do anymore

HI've know this guy for over a decade. We never really hung out until a few years ago, and then he did something stupid with some friends and ended up taking the rap for all of them and doing 5 years in prison. He dated one of my friends a few years ago, and she and I got bored and wrote him while he was locked up. We wrote him together several times, and then she lost interest and stopped. Turns out he and I have a ton in common and I kept writing him.

He got out in September. We started hanging out, and for a while it was completely innocent, but he started indicating he was interested in more. We even talked about it and Itold him to go be young and dumb, have some fun and make up for lost time. That we could see where things stood in a few months. If anything, that made him more persistant. We officially got together in December.

I thought things were great. I found out in feb that he cheated on me right after we got together. He spent a few nights at his cousin by marriages house and according to him she got him drunk and then slipped into bed with him. He said she's had a thing for him for years, and the fact he had a girlfriend was unimportant to her.

We broke up two weeks ago. He spent a week at her house. He swears nothing happened, that his mom actually found out they'd slept together and made it clear that that was unacceptable and that they were bad for each other. This chick tried to kill herself a few weeks ago with pills and alcohol, she's emotionally unstable and randomly binges on drugs. He was actually addicted to a few different drugs while in jail, and until he spent the week with her he'd been clean.

He ended up coming back to town and circumstances had him showing up at my house that night, with no place to sleep. He lives with his parents and they basically told him he could sleep on the loveseat because two of his friends needed a place to sleep.we talked a lot that night and the following day and he told me he loves me, apologized profusely, and we agreed to give it time to see if we could work things out. He's been at my house nonstop since then, and until today things were going great. I don't know what happened, but suddenly everything I say aggravates him. He's been cranky all day, like a child almost. He pouted when we didn't have ranch, he got mad when I tripped over the phone charger cord, he made a noise like he'd hurt himself and when I asked if he was OK he went on a rant about how I ask him that all the time and I need to just stop worrying about what he's doing. I work at home and he walked by my bedroom 10 minutes before my shift ended. When I went out to talk to him, he was asleep on the couch. Everyone has bad days, but he's never like this and I don't understand it. He's been borderline mean all day. But its my house and if he didn't want to be here he could leave. I don't know what to think anymore and I don't even know if I care. I love him, but I want treated right.


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  • It seems that he just want to be intimate with you because he wants to have some place to hang out. Also, it seems that he wants attention so much.

    Talk it out with him. Voice out your concerns and have a compromise.


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  • You serious? You deserve much better


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