Help what should I do, I need help please

Okay so I might just be overreacting . I've been with my man for 10 months he's actually the best boyfriend I've ever had. But 5months ago my housemate tried to break us up by making out he wanted to cheat and with her. So I was at college didn't know he went over there even though it was for 5minutes to drop his hard drive off cause he was meant to ages ago and he thought he better then because I was moving out the next day so he wouldn't get the movies. But she found out I was moving out as she hacked my Facebook account which I didn't know she knew the password so she wanted to take revenge by telling him to come over bring the hard drive she wore short shorts and a skanky top he said. The fact I'm so pissed off still after 5 months which is ridiculous is because he deleted the messages he was going over there. The week when we went back to his he told me which was the truth that she was saying things behind my back like I'm fat lazy and that. We had no clue this was her plan to try sleep with him to hurt me cause I was moving out and leaving her to live there. Until 3 months later I found out she wanted him and this was her revenge she lied about it all that he wanted to cheat etc. how do I fully trust him again I still have bad thoughts late at night that he could message a girl or she message him and he delete it even though I know he learnt his lesson as he tells me everyday how amazing I am and that he wants to marry me already. So what do I do?


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  • don't dwell in the past, learn from this experience..if your guy was really worth it to begin with he would never ever get easily seduced by that get them out of your head..there will always be bad karma..focus your attention on the type of guy you want to end up with..not all guys are like that..take your time knowing someone with the good crowd make new friends.

  • Simply stop associating yourself with her.

    Get all the support you can get so that he and you will stay in non-contact to her.

    • Thank you yeh I moved out the day she told me all the load of crap he went off at her and said to me to pack my things and stay with him. Can trust come back for me to fully trust him again or what?

    • Yes, it seems that he's willing to give you his all.

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