I want to change his mind, but I don't know how.

I broke up with my ex ex boyfriend for this guy that I started talking to. The guy I was talking to was such a great guy. We got along really well and had so much fun together and I felt like I could talk to him about everything. We were together every second we weren't busy. He made me feel so beautiful and the way every girl wishes she could feel. Then about a two weeks of us dating he said he just wasn't good at relationships, but wanted to try it with me because I was different from every other girl and he liked it better when we were just talking and hanging out and kissing and all that without being tied down. That day when he got home he texted me and said his dad was mad at him for breaking up with me because I was sweet, beautiful, and perfect for their lifestyle. It's been about two weeks since we broke up and I've texted him a few times and he's been sweet, but I want to try to change his mind to want a relationship again. Guys how do I do that? Please help!


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  • Walk away if he's not willing to give you a real relationship. Refuse to hang out, kiss, or talk much if he won't give you that. That's the only way to get a commitment-phobe to commit; when he realizes it's the only way he can have you romantically. The second you start giving in without a commitment, he'll abuse it and never commit again.


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  • You can't, he has to make that decision himself. You can try being more affectionate and flirty, but ultimately he decides whether or not he wants a relationship.


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