What is my subconscience telling me? Please help!!

Lately I have been having dreams about kissing, and being in a relationship with a co-worker. This might not be unusual, but the dreams have been consistent, literally every other night. The odd thing is, this guys has never given me any reason to think he is interested in me, and I have never really explored developing feelings for him. However, because of this it is making me question things in my real life. For example, my relationship.

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and during this time we have broken up twice. First he broke up with me because he wanted to be single, but called 2 weeks later saying he was wrong and wanted me back. Then I broke up with him because I didn't feel he was committed to me. During that break up we were separated for a month and I dated someone else, but then I realized I still loved him and he was constantly trying to contact me.

It has been 8 months since we have been back together and we have had ups and downs but nothing we couldn't fix or talk about. However, he was unemployed for sometime and I stuck by his side, and supported him (paying for gas, paying for dates when he ran out of money). He recently got a new job and we were both very happy. But now I have lost my job, but I work on weekends as a musician so I still make money, but only enough to my pay bills. I couldn't even pay for college so I had to skip 2 semesters.and he has been making snide remarks about how I don't work and that he shouldn't pay for everything. And he keeps saying things like, "i want a woman with a degree, you would be sexier if you had one."

We don't live together, and I have never asked him for money. I never even given him a hard time about him being unemployed for awhile, I was always supportive and understanding. But now that I am hurting, he is being insensetive. And now I am noticing he is going out more without telling me and I'm thinking the worst.

But that's where my dreams come in. I feel like a part of me DOES want something to be happening because of recent events. My dreams are making me wonder if I should leave this relationship, and look for someone who will appreciate me.

Please help me! :( I don't want to throw away this relationship if its worth saving, or if we are just in a rough patch. But I don't want to be with someone who may not love me the way I truly love them.


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  • It sounds like your current relationship is going down a bad road. If a man expects your support and can give nothing but criticism in return, he is not worth your time. You aren't married, break it off and find someone who will appreciate you for who you arew and give as much to a relationship as they will take. Sometimes we stay with people because it is comfortable, when instead we could have amazing. Tell him you don't like the way he has been acting, outline what you felt like you have given in the relationship and what you feel he isn't,if he is really serious about you he will straighten up, if not, better for you to stop wasting your time with the wrong person. After all, it is better to be single and searching for mr right instead of settling for mr right now.


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