Help me out! Very confusing ex

Me and my ex broke up last December (yes the Taylor swift song resembles how I feel) we were together for five months and best friends for 3 years. We found strange coincidences like how his elementary school was the one I was suppose to gobut never did, the job his mom works at was the job offer my mom turned down, we went to the same swimming class but he had morning and I has afternoon, his preschool was the one one we both went to but separate classes etc. So we came up to conclusion we merely co existed beside each other. We always loved each other but was always taken. And when we were both free he asked me to a party and we started dating ever since. Everything was amazing at FIRST. We never argued so much in our life about small things. His family adored me and my family just fell for him. I met them because I used to always go to his house vice versa. And when we started dating we would yell then make up everything got on our nerves. But besides yelling we had a good relationship. The thing that annoyed him most was that his best friend was my ex and I kept making sure he was okay. Why? Because he recently got into a severe car crash. He was angry that while he left to Seattle to live with his grandma for a while I began dating his best friend. So when he came back he was just so bitter. Anyways! My ex and I broke up right? He left me for another chick. But he came over the other day kissed me on the cheek and when I asked for him to come in he said he couldn't stay long but came in anyway. He sat down and couldn't look me in the eye. We talked about our family he said his sister wishes I could come over and babysit her like I used to. I told him my dad misses him helping fix things around the house. I told him how I'm moving and he finally looked at me and said please don't. At least stay for another year. I have to tell you something. I told him to tell me now and he just waved it off and said he couldn't . I asked him about his relationship he said I'm still with her so don't even think about hooking up. I told him I wasn't even thinking that and he just left. I chased him out and he said good luck in Chicago I'll miss you Jellyfish. (My nickname he called me when we were together). He showed up out of the blue though. Its been months since I've seen him. We texted a few times him telling me he misses me then tells me he hates. I'm moving to Chicago with my best friend. Why is he being like this? Does he still love me or what? Do you think what he has to tell me is bad or good news? I'm really confused on if its worth staying here when I wanted to get out because of him.


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  • Oh my god this is so dramatic. Its like something out of a movie.

    You should keep in touch with him over the internet when you move. But don't stick around town just on the chance that your ex might still be into you, even though he broke up with you and you haven't seen him in ages and now he's dating some other chick.. You should definitely go to Chicago live your life, be free, happy, etc. It's the logical way for this script to end :)


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