Bad advice for cheaters and the cheated on

ok so I have posted up some questions about cheating and being cheated on . I have also read other peoples question and I have noticed that every time someone talks about cheating everyone jumps on that person and tells them how wrong they are for even thinking about it . I'm sure everyone knows its wrong before they even post the question . people come here for advice not to be preached at . I'm not saying cheating is good its not and never will be but don't judge someone when ever half of you have cheated or been cheated on yourself . everyone gets tempted at some point in there relationship , everyone has been cheated on by someone and almost everyone has cheated on someone before. of course if you love someone you should never do that but if it does happen and someone needs advice don't just tell them how wrong they are ... how about not point fingers when ever your own fingers are just as dirty ... I don't think people post questions just to make them selfs feel better about what they did or might do I think people post cheating questions becuase it is apart of being a human and fighting your own feelings . what do you think about all this ? have you ever posted a cheating question just to have everyone jump on you about it ? what advice do you wish you would have gotten instead ?


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  • I agree a lot about your notion about cheating.

    You're a great lady.


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