My boyfriend dumped me but is now acting better?

My boyfriend dumped me out of the blue saying he just didn't see a future with me. We said we'd remain friends but I backed off hanging out with him or talking to him. Now he calls me every day and asks me to go to events with him which he never did before. When we're out, he puts his arm around me, and it feels like we're still dating, and the "relationship" we have is better now than it ever was before. Why would he say he didn't like me or see a future with me, only to act like this?


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  • It seems that he just want to be with somebody else now , though he really likes your company and feels close to you.


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  • It's hard to say without more info, but there are a few possibilities.

    He might regret dumping you and want to get back together with you.

    He might not want to date you seriously or exclusively, but still wants to have a casual relationship with you.

    He might want to be friends, and doesn't have any ill will toward you, but still doesn't want to date you.

    • More info: He keeps trying to hold my hand when we are in public, which is something he never did before, and he tries to cuddle me, even in front of his friends and family. He keeps slipping up in conversations and talks about our future together rather than separate which is how he talked about it before. An example would be, a convo came up about kids. I joked that I wanted nerdy children and he said "no, OUR kids will be football players!"

    • Sounds like he wants to be with you then. He might be having doubts, but I wouldn't worry too much about what you're calling it.

      > the "relationship" we have is better now than it ever was before.

      If that part is still true, maybe it just doesn't matter. Life is short. I wouldn't get caught up on whether a relationship is really **real**... in reality, or not. Whatever it is, it seems real enough for you to enjoy it. That's more than a lot of people with "real" relationships get.

  • sounds like he doesn't want to be tied down to someone.


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