Broke up with my ex what should I do?

My name is mike, I met my ex at my work and we clicked from the first day. Our eyes couldn't stop looking at each other. she also told me she was a virgin..which made me respect her and wait for her..As time passed she kept on talking about her ex boyfriend and I got stuck in a friend zone for giving advice. I knew this wasn't going to go no where so I decided to go out with another girl.

As I was in a relationship with another girl... the girl I met at work was always around me and on my mind. As soon as me and the other girl broke up it was the best day ever. My ex that I met at work had strong feelings for me and through this it helped her to get to know me and get over her ex.

As the relationship went on I had school and it was very hard for us to hang out. We didn't spend much time together due to me trying to focus on better future for us. I saw her as a possible wife after going out with her for 2 years. One day she decides that she needs space.

she has a lot of family problem. her mom died when she was young and right now her step mom is pregnant. I was trying to convince her to come back to me by coming to her work with a present.. leaving a note by her house but none of it worked.i also asked her what is the right amount of space and how long...out of madness I told her I would move on and be with another girl.. I also tried to talk to her brothers who are huge part of her life through Facebook and let them know if she doubts that I love her that I do and I will give her space she wants. she broke up with me over the phone and I wanted to meet face to face to get the answer.. yet she wouldn't give me clear answer if she wants me or not... only that she needs space... I feel like I am in a game.

my question is is she trying to get me jealous with her Facebook statuses by writing: Out for the night ;) Just got home had a great night with my co workers. and posting up a photo of them at 4 am when I am still online unable to sleep.

it is very hard for me. I have sleeping problem and I barely eat now. I don't know what to do please help. I truly want to change and be with her.

Also she quit smoking weed and cigs.. I told her it was for her own good and instead she can do more productive things. I never want to see her choke or get a cancer :( her mom died of heart problems

i was scared to be around too much due to not being needy and I have a problem with socializing so I was very scared to be in a group and I didn't want to give bad impression on her family and her if I ever say anything stupid... I wanted to be a guy that every girl wants and her family loves. Right now I am not scared and I am trying to give her space... I think I should of never told her brother through Facebook that I would wait for her :( even tho I want to


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  • Its tough man. YOu can't make someone love you. The timing is bad for you both atm. Don't push too hard or you will lose her forever. I recently gave up on a girl that wanted space as well. I tried to get her back for 5 months and I totally lost my mind. Be careful. The word SPACE usually means its over. But its all up to you. DOnt give up but know when you have to. I just don't want you to go through what I did. GOod luck

    Also imo don't hold anything back. tell her everything how you feel right away. or ull be stuck on her for a long time.


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