Should I give him/her a second chance if he/she cheated on you?

After 3 months of getting to know each other, my relationship with my boyfriend was so wonderful. We were both so happy together. We both could see a future together. However, two days after I agreed to be his girlfriend, I found out that he was still seeing his ex-girlfriend. He allowed her to spend a night at his house because he said she was out-of-town and didn't have a place to stay. He also admitted that he slept with her on the same bed but didn't have sex with her. Although he didn't admit he have sex with her, I still think he was lying to me. He did not tell me about all this until I confronted him when his ex-gf contacted me and told me everything.

I'm hurt and disappointed. I feel like he has broken my trust for him and he didn't respect me as a result of his actions. I feel like he does not have good boundaries, especially when dealing with his ex-gf.

Now he asked me for a second chance because he knows he messed it up. He said he would never do that again, and will not hide anything from me again. He said he will do everything to gain my trust and respect back. He swore to me that he would never see his ex-gf. again.

I really like him a lot and I'm curious to know whether this could work out for us if we can start building trust all over gain. I could see my future with him if all this were not to happen.

Nevertheless, I'm not sure whether I should take him back, and whether it's worth my investment to continue with him, especially this early into the relationship.


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  • I don't think you should do this. If you take him back so easily, he won't think his action has a consequence. I took a boyfriend back who was hung up on his ex, and he ended up fb messaging her again that I caught. We broke up and I found an amazing faithful man. Do not take him back, time heals, and you will heal from him. He was not put in your life for you to struggle and be upset about and have trust issues with his cheating ways, he was put in your life to show you that you need to higher your standards of men and see what you deserve.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts.

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  • I don't think it's worth it, he sounds like he is hung up on his ex.

    • I appreciate your thoughts.

  • You shouldn't give him a second chance. If you do, he'll still cheat behind your back.

    • Thank you. Is that what guys think/do if their girlfriends give them a second chance.

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