What to do when moving out and getting an apartment...

Okay, so I live in Garland and I'm graduating soon. I plan on moving out and being my friends roommate in an apartment together. I have zero experience in this area and there are always answers online and from professionals, but they never tell you the 100% truth or how it really is and they tend to leave out the small necessary details. Can someone help? Tell me what thinks I need to keep in mind, tell me what's important and share your own experiences.

I really don't want to move out and end up having to move back in with my parents. I know they'd still love me and always let me in but I'd be letting myself down.

Thank you!


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  • Experience is not given, read, or handed to you in a silver plate.

    Experience, you will learn it yourself. Everyone will experience life in a unique way, that is why these professionals are unable to give you what it feels like to live on your own or live in a place you don't know.

    My suggestion, is to make the best choice for you. If living with your parents grants you financial benefits, then do it! Don't let what other people may think of you be the road block to doing something that you really want.

    To tell you the truth, I still live with my parents and I'm a grown *ss man. But the difference is the house and all the cars are under my name.


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  • Simply don't spend beyond your means.


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  • 1. It will be harder than you think.

    2. It's TOTALLY worth it.

    3. BE CAREFUL with credit cards.

    4. Roommates can make it the best of times or worst of times and if you have a bad roommate, there's really no way to escape them as they live with you.

    5. Utilities and small expenses (toothpaste, toilet paper, cleaner, food, etc...) cost a lot more than you'd expect!

  • Ah its really not that difficult:

    make sure everyones paying the rent

    make sure you take turns cleaning taking out the trash

    sharing utility bills

    not hogging the bathroom

    etc etc blah blah, should you have pets etc, or no. If you are 24/7 with your friend your relationship might change, might get better or worse might get sick of each other, or get a lot closer, but regardless, keep an open mind keep learning, if something is peeving you, ask about it. Don't let stuff annoy you till you explode. Well I think honesty is the way to live with flatmates.

  • Friends don't always make the best roommates……………good luck


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